Gustavo Kuerten recalls when he upset Roger Federer at French Open

Gustavo Kuerten recalls when he upset Roger Federer at French Open

Gustavo Kuerten recalled his straight-set win over Roger Federer in the 2004 French Open. The Brazilian three-time tournament winner said: "When I was already living with leg issues and he being number one in the world it was a very inspiring day.

Of course, I already had a lot of experience, three times a champion. But he was a better, better prepared player at the time with an immensely more favorable condition than mine." On the situation of Brazil tennis, Kuerten told Reuters: "Tennis hasn’t really happened in our country, it’s not like Sweden.

Players who have been playing tennis for five years and are very good, who have parents who support them, and federations who support them, sometimes even they don’t have the answers. If these players advanced we’d have extraordinary results in terms of high performance.

They (the players) need to be the protagonists, you can’t wait on the governments or federations. If that was to happen it would be great. But that day has never arrived for Brazil, we haven’t lived through any virtuous cycle.

It is very difficult here." Kuerten added: "If you go deeper into comparison, it has to be through the titles, the achievements. And then Federer stands out more. He's also the longest tenured player. Nadal is approaching a little, Djokovic came back with everything this year, winning two more Grand Slams. So there are three guys who are formidable."