Magic Johnson leaves LA Lakers' role... because of Serena Williams

Magic Johnson leaves LA Lakers' role... because of Serena Williams

Basketball legend Magic Johnson stepped down as the Los Angeles Lakers' president on Wednesday That was definitely a tough decision for the American, who explained: "I want to go back to having fun. I want to go back to being who I was before taking on this job.

We're halfway there with LeBron coming (last summer). I think this summer, with that other star coming in, whoever is going to bring him in, I think this team is really going to be in a position to contend for a championship with the growth of the young players."

Johnson will now work for an advisory board promoted by the 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams. "I thought about Dwyane Wade retiring (Wednesday), and I can't even tweet that out or be there. called me a week ago and said, 'Will you mentor me and be on my advisory board?' And I said, 'Yeah, I'm going to do that.'

So when Ben Simmons called and we went through the proper channels and they made me look like the bad guy out of that situation, but I didn't do anything wrong ... I was thinking about all those times, all those guys who want me to mentor them or be a part of their lives, and I can't even do that.

I had more fun on the other side." Serena will skip the Fed Cup tie between Switzerland and the United States, she will play the Rome Open next.

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