Roger Federer: My coach Ivan Ljubicic jokes I was lucky in beating him

Roger Federer: My coach Ivan Ljubicic jokes I was lucky in beating him

In an interview to the ATP's YouTube Channel, Roger Federer recalled his 25th career-title that he got defeating Ivan Ljubicic at the 2005 Dubai Open final. The Swiss player said: "I remember the finals against Ivan Ljubicic, .

We played many many times in a row at that time, especially the finals, I think also in the Rotterdam finals, maybe the Doha final in the same year and he always thinks I was very lucky. But he is joking of course, or maybe not, I have to check.

I am happy I remember a lot of the 25th." He also recalled his 50th title against James Blake in the 2007 Cincinnati final: "Cincinnati one of my favorite hunting grounds on the tour, I always played very well there, I have a lot of true fans there flock to Cincinnati from all around the midwest in America.

And when they come there they usually come for several days and they really enjoy tennis. I remember the final against James Blake, it was a very good one. I came out of the blocks very fast, served well throughout, got the one break I needed in the second set and then served it home.

It was an important one for me especially leading into the US Open. It was my 50th so it was a big one." Finally, he commented on his 75th triumph against Andy Murray at 2012 Wimbledon: "Massive tournament for me, also it brought back to world No.

1, it was a big summer because it was the Olympic year, we played at Wimbledon back to back. The Wimbledon one was epic for me. It was great to see my girls there at the trophy ceremony, that was very emotional for me. It was a tough final because it also played outdoor and then indoor with the rain under the roof, that was special and I also played a great semis against Novak.

I finished very strong that year and it was one of my favorite Grand Slams looking back on."